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Welcome To Friends of Scona Rec

Friends of Scona Rec maintains advocacy for an aquatic facility as part of the Rollie Miles Park Redevelopment, and is also inclusive of other recreation opportunities on the site.

On this page you will be able to find:

  • Our terms of reference
  • Ways for Rollie Miles users to get involved
  • Updates on City project engagement

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Park Principles

Principle 1

The Park accommodates and enhances the year-round recreational and social experiences of current, new and future users from the community with:

  • Safe and easy access to the Park and its facilities is available for all users, including vulnerable populations such as children, seniors, and those with mobility aides;
  • An updated aquatic facility within a new small-scale recreation centre that is planned with input from residents and communities in the catchment area and Scone Pool user groups;
  • Green space which encourages casual and non-organized recreation is maximized through by natural elements (scenic walks, reflection areas, pet-friendly areas, mature trees, etc.);
  • Multi-purpose field is maintained for a variety of purposes (dog walking, pick-up baseball, party activies etc.);
  • Repurposed George S hughes Arena with input from residents and communities in the catchment area;
  • Recently replaced track and field facilities and adult-sized sports fields are maintained;
  • Appropriate program space and offices for the Queen Alexandra Community League and Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues are available.

Principle 2

The Park is a hub for bringing the local community together

  • It balances the appeal to a growing young demographic that drives neighbourhood revitalization with the needs of mature and senior residents;
  • It has a distinct and recognizable identity and fits the character of the community;
  • Entry fees are affordable for low-to middle income households.

Principle 3

The Park is designed holistically and in the context of surrounding amenities

  • The Park meets the recreation needs of the community without unnecessarily duplicating other community amenities (e.g. playgrounds);
  • The different elements of the Park are designed to function together so that the entire Park becomes a cohesive identifiable, and easily accessible recreation zone;
  • The Park is appropriately shielded from the noise and pollution of arterial roads through the use of green landscaping;
  • Public transit, personal motor vehicle access, and parking are available while minimizing disturbance to residential areas and green space;
  • Access to the Park through the Queen Alexandra Community is available via active transportation, such as walking, biking, skateboarding, snowshoeing, wheelchairs and walkers.

Rollie Miles Park Redevelopment

The City of Edmonton is redeveloping Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park because of its aging infrastructure. The park includes the parkland and sports fields to the north and south of Strathcona Composite High School as well as Scona Pool.

The 400 metre track and track and field elements were replaced in 2014 and will not be reconstructed during this project. George S. Hughes arena is part of the City’s 10 Year Arena Strategy and will not be redeveloped during this project.

The City is conducting engagement sessions to find out more about community needs, demand for park elements, and park functionality. City Administration will put forward two concept plans for the park to City Council in the fall of 2016. One plan will include a facility and the other will not. The only opportunity to continue to have an aquatic facility on the site is if Council chooses the concept plan with the facility.

For more information on Rollie Miles Athletic Field Redevelopment see

Did You Know? Affordable entrance fees in important for individuals and families to access indoor facilities. For example, the median income for Queen Alexandra households is $48,801 and the City average is $72,248.

About Rollie Miles

Rollie Miles Park is located on the northeast corner of 104 Street and University Avenue in Queen Alexandra neighbourhood. The park is 13.09 hectares and supports many amenities including:

  • Strathcona Composite High School;
  • Queen Alexandra Community League;
  • Edmonton Federation of Community League office;
  • Strathcona (Scona) pool;
  • George S. Hughes arena;
  • tennis courts;
  • 400 metre synthetic running track;
  • track and field areas (long jump, shot put, etc);
  • several adult sized multi purpose sports fields, and
  • pathways and open parks space.

Rollie Miles Park is a district park that serves 40,000-60,000 people living in Strathcona, Garneau, Belgravia, McKernan, Park Allen, Queen Alex, Allendale, Ritchie, and Hazeldean.

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